The Inspire® device is an advanced solution to problems caused by sleep apnea. At Quiet Dental PC, located in the Pelham Bay/Morris Park section of the Bronx in New York, the team performs Inspire implantation to eliminate the problems sleep apnea causes. Call the office to learn more about the Inspire sleep apnea device and how it could help you, or book an appointment online today.

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What is the Inspire sleep apnea device?

The Inspire device is an obstructive sleep apnea treatment that addresses your condition’s root cause. It’s an alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and mandibular advancement devices.

Your provider fits the small Inspire device into your body during a same-day outpatient procedure. The controller is a hand-held unit — when you go to bed, you click the remote control to turn your Inspire device on. While you sleep, it opens your airway so you can breathe easily and sleep more peacefully.

Am I a good candidate for the Inspire sleep apnea device?

Inspire is suitable for patients with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who struggle to use CPAP or don’t get enough benefit from it. Good candidates for Inspire are typically over 18 and don’t have too much excess body weight.

At your initial consultation, your provider examines your most recent sleep study report, medical history, and CPAP compliance report. You might need an updated sleep study if your last one was a while ago. She’ll also ask about the problems CPAP causes you, sleeping difficulties like insomnia, and what prescription sleep medication you take (if any).

Next, you undergo a 20-minute non-surgical exam where your provider looks inside your airway using a small camera.

Most medical insurance covers Inspire, but you can discuss this during your initial consultation.

What does Inspire implantation involve?

You need to have a general anesthetic for Inspire implantation. When you’re unconscious, your provider places the Inspire unit beneath your skin using incisions she makes under your chin and below your collarbone.

Inspire is a same-day surgery, so you go home after your procedure once the anesthetic has worn off. Most patients manage post-procedural discomfort well with over-the-counter pain medications and return to non-strenuous activities after a few days.

You meet with the team 30 days after getting your Inspire implant so she can activate it for you. Once the implant works, you’ll establish the most effective settings.

As you work through varying levels and become familiar with Inspire, you’ll have follow-up appointments to determine which settings suit you best. You also visit for a check-up once or twice a year.

Call Quiet Dental PC to learn more about benefiting from Inspire, or book an appointment online today.